Department of  Botany

The Department of Botany, M.U.C. Women’s College, affiliated with the University of Burdwan, was established in 1957. Initially housed in the Old Building (R.M. Building), it relocated to the new Golden Jubilee Building in June 2010, providing enhanced facilities. The department offers undergraduate courses in B.Sc. (CBCS/NEP courses) Botany (Honours/General/Major/Minor courses).

Recognizing the essential role of women in higher education for socio-economic development, the department focuses on Botany, a captivating subject directly connected to nature. The curriculum imparts current knowledge in Plant Science, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics etc. preparing students for advanced studies and competitive exams. To engage students beyond regular hours, the department initiated a teaching-learning program on science, environment, and social aspects through Websites, Google Classroom, WhatsApp, and Facebook groups. This inclusive initiative involves teachers, current and former students, and renowned academicians.