Code Of Ethics Students

1. To maintain sense of unity, integrity, bonhomie and harmony
2. To maintain discipline, and to abide by the rules of the college
3. To regularly appear in examination and abide by the rules of examinations
4. To maintain regularity and punctuality in attending classes
5. To develop a sense of being a member of the college-family
6. To develop civic responsibility for being a responsible citizen of our nation
7. To nurture a sense of genuine esteem for our nation and our cultural heritage
8. To develop a feeling for fellow students
9. To help and facilitate the study of indigent and poor students
10. To foster healthy and cordial relation with teachers and non-teaching staff of the college
11. To develop a sense of Social Responsibility and Accountability
12. To promote Communal Harmony
13. To develop Scientific Temper
14. To strive for Gender Equality
15. To participate in the academic, social and cultural programmes of the college