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Code Of Ethics Teaching Staff

1. To sign the Attendance Register after arrival and before departure
2. Not to leave the college without permission of the authority concerned
3. Not to enjoy any unauthorized leave, and not to enjoy leave without prior permission of
    the authority concerned
4. To execute the duty related to the Committee of which the staff is a member
5. To take classes allotted in the Time Table
6. To complete the teaching assignment within the stipulated time
7. To participate in conduction of co-curricular activities of the learners
8. To abide by the service rules of college teachers
9. To evaluate the progress of the learners and perform university assignments
10. To maintain sense of unity, integrity, bonhomie and harmony among the students,
      colleagues, and other stakeholders
11. To develop a sense of belongingness with the college
12. To stimulate positive values among the learners
13. To act as a friend, philosopher and guide of the learners for their holistic development
14. To maintain manners befitting a government servant
15. To maintain behavior and ethics befitting an academic institution
16. To regularly update ones knowledge domain
17. To play a significant role in the creation of human resource