Know Of Library

"Nothing is pleasanter than exploring a library." 

                                                                 Walter Savage Landor 


Welcome to M.U.C Women’s College Library. Library is the heart of any educational institution and integral part of higher education systems well as primary source in the learning process. It is an essential pre-requisite for successful implementation of quality higher education programs in colleges and expansion of knowledge. Library was set up in the old building of the institution (MOBARAK MANJIL) in the year 1955. Later it was shifted to its present premises (GOLDEN JUBILE BUILDING) in 2010. It has a carpet area of about 5873.88 Sq.Ft. The library is continuously revamping and revitalizing its collection so as to make it useful to the community of students, researchers and faculty that it was set up to serve.


It has 47644+ printed books and subscriptions to 23 printed journals, 7 newspapers, and 11 magazines. It has 1152 reference books for its users and a good collection of rare books. The bookshelves are arranged subject-wise. The library has a collection of Minor Research Project Reports, Ph.D. Thesis and College Magazines at present.


With the developments of modern Information and Communication Technology, the behavioral characteristics of the information seekers have been changing rapidly and the library is trying its best to adopt the advanced technology. The library is trying to be well equipped with the modern facilities and resources.


Vision and Mission

Vision is to cater to information for academic and research needs of the college fraternity primarily and the global community in general, thus, enabling M.U.C Women’s College to achieve excellence in teaching, learning and research for present generation and preserve for the future.

The Mission of M.U.C Women’s College Library is to generate and sustain an information environment that supports the educational and research needs. The Library will strive relentlessly to enhance the quality of services for teaching, learning and research activities of the college by providing them with high quality academic and research resources to maximize user satisfaction.

To achieve the vision and mission of the library, it has the following objectives:

  • To Support implementation of objectives of college
  • Supplement the curriculum taught in the college to which it is attached
  • Give students a wider and deeper understanding of the universe of knowledge
  • Select, acquire and organize high quality, relevant and up-to-date information resources according to the needs and requirements of the college fraternity;
  • Develop, maintain and promote a wide range of library services to optimize the use of library resources;
  • Organize user orientation programs for optimum utilization of the resources of the library;
  • Adopt the latest tools and technologies to provide library services to the users more effectively and efficiently.
  • Work as an independent agency and encourage life-long learning beyond prescribed syllabi so that the students can be more enlightened

Library Services

      Library uses to provide following services to its users.


  1. Reference & Information Service
  2. Lending Services
  3. Reprography service
  4. Bibliographical Service
  5. Current Awareness Service
  6. Selective Dissemination of Information Service
  7. News Paper Clippings Service
  8. Orientation lectures on the use of library material is also provided for fresh students.
  9. Reading room service
  10. Computerized services:


  • Bibliographical database Search Service
  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)


Library Opening Hours


Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am to 4pm

Closed on Sunday and institutional holidays


Membership rules:


Following are some general rules related to library membership:

  1. The following categories are entitled to get membership of MUC Women’s College Library:
    1. The existing students of the college.
    2. The existing staff members of the college
    3. The members of the Governing Body
    4. The ex-students of the college having prior permission of the authority with certain restrictions
    5. The retired staff-members of the college having prior permission of the authority with certain restrictions

The member needs to apply for library membership in a given format and submit the same with requisite documents. The library will issue the membership after verification the information provided by the applicant.

  1.  The library card is not transferrable.
  2. The library card should be renewed after each year’s new enrollment.
  3. If any member loses his/her library card, he/she needs to lodge a General Diary in the local police station the copy of which must be submitted to the library to get a duplicate library card.
  4. Whenever a student passes out or a staff member retires from the college his/her membership automatically terminates.
  5. All members need to surrender their library cards after termination of their memberships.

Circulation rules:

Following are some general rules related to book issue and return-

  1. All the existing students and staff members of the college are entitled to borrow books for reading outside the library for a certain period.
  2. Reference and confined copies should not be issued to any member as home-issue. These are meant for reading only within the library premises.
  3. Current periodicals and bound volumes are also meant for reading only within the library premises.
  4. Before filling up the University examination forms, all students must return the books borrowed and get library clearance.
  5. Before leaving the college for retirement or any other purpose all staff members should return the books borrowed by them
  6. If any borrower loses any library book, he/she has to replace that with a new copy of the same book (same title and author) of the latest edition if available in the market or compensate monetarily as per rule.
  7. In case of non-return of books by any member who has left the college due to any reason, he/she may be communicated over phone, otherwise through written intimation for immediate return of the same.
  8. The library stack is fully open access for the staff members and the students also

Reading room rules:

In order to maintain discipline and proper reading environment in the library reading room, the users need to abide by the following general rules:

  1. All the users must record their entry and exit in the ‘Visit record’.
  2. The users must carry their Reference library cards.
  3. They should take proper seats and not to stay in the standing position.
  4. They must maintain silence.
  5. Mobile phones should be switched off or kept in the silent mode.
  6. The users can stay in the reading room only for reading purpose.
  7. No food is allowed in the library reading room.
  8. No pet is allowed in the library reading room
  9. Cleanliness should be maintained within the reading room.
  10. All books borrowed for reading purpose must be returned to the library before leaving the reading room.

The users must seek help of the library staff in case of any problem faced by them. They should cooperate with the library staff to help them provide the best of the service.


Library Team





Mrs.Barnali Chakraborty


Dr. Piyali Das


Mrs. Sheuli Hazra






Sheuli Hazra Librarian