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Reaccredited by NAAC (Grade - B, CGPA - 2.72)

Quality Assurance :

Seminars and Workshops

The College regularly holds seminars and workshops relevant to the students and the faculty alike. The following important seminars/workshops were organized by the college during 2012-2016:



Title of The Seminar Organised By Status Held On
1 Nutan Dekhar Dekha Deptt of Bengali Institutional 03.02.16
2 Itihas O Vigyan Deptt of History Institutional 14.01.16
3 Diabetes: Challenges Chirayata Local 22.09.15
4 Swami Vivekananda O Samajik Mulyabodh College Seminar Committee Regional 16.12.15
5 Gender and Development in the Indian Context Deptt of Geography Departmental 24.07.15
6 India and China at Crossroads: An Economic Interpretation Deptt of Economics Departmental 15.07.15
7 Chetana Nirmane Shilpasanskritir Bhumika Deptt of Bengali Institutional 16.02.15
8 Bhasa Dibash Deptt of Bengali Departmental 21.02.15
9 Amar Rabindranath Deptt of Bengali Departmental 13.08.14
10 Mangrove Eco-System Deptt of Botany Departmental 01.02.14
11 Global Positioning System Deptt. of Geography Departmental 31.01.14
12 Debates on the 18th Century History of India Deptt of History National, UGC Sponsored 31.01.14
13 Female Foeticide: Awareness NSS in Collaboration with NGO, SPEED Institutional 18.01.14
14 Frontier in Chemistry Deptt of Chemistry National, UGC Sponsored 4-5, Dec 2013
15 Quality Assurance IQAC, MUCWC National, UGC Sponsored 25-26, Sept 2013
16 Hey Mahajibon, Hey, Mahamaran Deptt of Bengali Departmental 18.09.13
17 Swami Vivekananda Deptt of Philosophy National, UGC Sponsored 12-13 Sept, 2013
18 Post 50’s British Literature: Texts and Contexts Deptt of English National, UGC Sponsored 10-11Sept, 2013
19 Panchayat Raj Deptt of Political Science National, UGC Sponsored 06.09.13
20 Bange Hindu-Musalman Samparker Itihas
(Speaker: Prof Tapan RoyChowdhury)
Deptt of History Departmental 31.01.13
21 Remembering Tagore Deptt of Bengali Institutional 07.08.12
22 Cancer: Prevention Better than Cure College Seminar Committee Institutional 04.02.12
23 Siksha Pratisthane Granthagarer Bhumika Library, MUCWC Institutional 25.01.12
24 One-Day Workshop on Financial Education Students’ Union in collaboration with BU the Anandabazar Patrika Institutional 11.10.12
25 Current Trends in Mathematics Deptt of Mathematics National, UGC 22.12.12
26 Maths: Discussion Deptt of Mathematics Departmental 20.12.12
27 Equal Opportunity for Women Women Studies Women Studies Cell, Dept 18.12.12
28 Workshop on Environmental Studies MUCWC College 11.10.12
29 Problem of Perception Philosophy Departmental 10.10.12 - 11.10.12
30 Art Science of Lie Detection Seminar Committee MUCWC 12.10.12
31 Chalachitra o Samaj
(Speaker: Mr Debshankar Haldar)
Deptt of Bengali Departmental 31.03.12

Other Important Seminars/Workshops Sponsored by UGC/DST (2004-11)

 UGC Sponsored National Seminar on "Rabindra Parabarti Bangla Kabitar Palabadal" (Bengali) on 8th Sept. 2011
 UGC Sponsored National Seminar on  "Discourses on Popular Culture" (English) on 12th & 13th Sept. 2011
 UGC Sponsored National Seminar on "The Place of Vedanta in Contemporary Indian Philosophy" (Philosophy) on 14th Sept. 2011
 UGC Sponsored National Seminar on "History Women and Society in Colonial India: Debates and Discourses" on 29 & 30 Nov. 2011
 UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Challenges of Biology in the 21st Century” organized by Dept of Botany on 1 & 2 Dec. 2011
 UGC Sponsored One Day Workshop on "Equal Opportunities for Women" on 27 Dec. 2011
 UGC sponsored National Seminar on Geography Environmental Hazards and Disasters: Impact …Management organized by Deptt of Geography on 08.12.2010
 UGC sponsored National Seminar organized by the Deptt of Zoology on Vector Borne Diseases on 15th – 16th Dec., 2010
 UGC sponsored National Seminar organized by the Dept of Physics on “Universe Yours to Discover”- on 28-29 Aug. 2009
 UGC sponsored National Seminar  organized by the Dept of Bengali on “Unish O Bish Shatake Manche O Natake Nari” on 10/8/08
 UGC sponsored National Seminar  organized by the Dept of Economics on “West Bengal Economy: Looking Ahead” on 11/12/08
 UGC sponsored National Seminar  organized by the Dept of English on “Reconstructing Culture:  Post Colonial Problematics” on 25 26/9/08 27/9/08
 UGC sponsored National Seminar organized by the Dept of Mathematics on “Uncertainty: A Mathematical Approach (UAMA)” on 23/9/08 & 24/9/08


There is provision for Post-graduate Research leading to Ph.D. degree in this institution. Ten research scholars have been prosecuting research studies in the Department of English, under the guidance of Dr Sukriti Ghosal (Principal), Dr Pradipta Sengupta, and of Dr Anupama Chowdhury. Besides, Dr Suranjana Bhadra of the same department (English) has recently been recognized as a Research Supervisor. Four research students have already been awarded Ph. D. degree by the University of Burdwan.

Two research scholars of Physics have been working under the guidance of Dr. Sisir Kumar Garai of our college and Dr. Mrinal Kanti Modal of National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, and the scholars has registered their names at NIT, Durgapur.

Most of other faculty members are also actively engaged in research through their publications in journals and books and many of them have already completed Minor Research Projects. The college also publishes JAST- Journal of Arts Science & Teaching: a multidisciplinary research journal with ISSN (No. 2395-4353) with the contributions mainly from the faculty of the college.

Remedial Class

The progress of the students is assessed throughout the year through class tests (normally four tests for Hons papers of 100 marks), and two other Tests are held. The tests are to be taken seriously, for marks obtained in class tests are recorded in the Merit Register and taken into account to determine the eligibility of a student for taking University Examination. The tests are instrumental in assessing the acquisitional skill of learners and thereby paying more attention to the slow learners. Apart from regular classes, special assistance is provided to such students through Remedial programmes, generally conducted with the assistance of UGC.

Student Feedback

The College has a system of evaluation of the performance of the teachers by students, the principal stakeholders in an educational institute. Every year on a date fixed for this purpose Honours students are asked to rate the performance their teachers. The students are encouraged to give their opinion candidly and impartially as the feedback is used for improvement. The college analyzes the rating on every point and informs the teacher(s) of the areas where they excel and where there is scope for improvement. The teacher evaluation system of the college has been cited as a model (p 38) in the State-wise Analysis of Accreditation Report: West Bengal, December 2004 (7) published by NAAC. Students of the College are expected to be seriously and attentively engaged in the learning process so that they might be in a position to evaluate the performance of their instructors.

The college has also introduced a system of collecting through Exit Questionnaire student-feedback on campus experience. The feedback on all the important segments of service, from library to office assistance or toilet hygiene, is analyzed by IQAC and reported to the GB for implementing the recommendations.


Visits to different locations, institutions, exhibitions and places of historical or ecological importance are organized every year for the students. Students of Biological Science and of Geography go on Excursion to study Nature and collect samples. This helps them gather practical experience of what is learnt inside the classroom. Excursions organized by the Geography department also enable learners to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience.