Reaccredited by NAAC (Grade- B CGPA-2.72)
 Subjects Offered
(A) B.A. General Course:
SHIFT Compulsory Subjects Combination Subjects (any three of the following)
Morning English, Bengali /Alt English / Hindi (non taught) & Environmental Studies 1. Bengali, 
2. Sanskrit, 
3. History,
4. Philosophy/Political Science,
5. Physical Education / Education,
6. Music
Day English, Bengali /Alt English / Hindi (non taught) & Environmental Studies 1 .English/Bengali, 
2. Sanskrit / Economics
3. Philosophy/Political Science
4. Geography/History
5. Physical Education
6. Music
(B) B.Sc. General Course:
Compulsory Subjects  Combination Subjects 
English, Bengali / Alt English / Hindi (non taught) & Environmental Studies  Pure Science : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Econonics & Statistics (any three) Bio Science : Botany, Zoology & Chemistry 
(C) B.A. Honours Course:
Honours Subjects  Combination Subjects (any two of the subject cluster A, B, C.) 
Bengali  Sanskrit/Economics Philosophy/Pol. Sc. History/Geography
Sanskrit  Bengali/English  Philosophy/Pol. Sc. History/Geography
English  Sanskrit/Economics  Philosophy/Pol. Sc. History/Geography
Philosophy  Sanskrit/Economics Bengali/English  History/Geography
History  Bengali/English  Sanskrit/Economics Philosophy/Pol. Sc.
Economics  Bengali/English  History/Geography Philosophy/ Pol. Sc. 
Pol. Sc.  Sanskrit/Economics Bengali/English History/Geography
Geography  Sanskrit/Economics Bengali/English  Philosophy/Pol. Sc. 
(D) B.Sc. Honours Course:
Honours Subjects Combination Subjects   
Mathematics Physics and Chemistry/Statistics
Physics Mathematics and Chemistry 
Chemistry Physics and Mathematics
Botany Zoology and Chemistry
Zoology Botany and Chemistry
Microbiology Zoology / Botany and Chemistry
Nutrition Zoology / Botany and Chemistry
Economics Mathematics and Statistics
Geography Statistics / Economics and Mathematics
Honours Courses  General Courses 
Part-I  Comp. English - 50 Comp. Bengali / Hindi / Alt. English - 50 Honours - 200 & General - 200  Comp. English-50 Comp. Bengali/Hindi/Alt. English-50 General-300 
Part-II Honours -200& General -400  General-600 
Part-III Honours -400 Environmental Studies  General-300 Environmental.